NFG Corporate Portfolio

NFG Corporate Portfolio

A Federated Bank-Led Tokenization of Currency

Fluent is a unique stable currency protocol operated as a Federation.

Fluent is a joint venture, with NFG as a major stakeholder.

Production prototype ready end of the year for deployment in a major tribal bank.

Executive Management is currently in advanced talks with Tier 1 and 2 institutions.

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A business registration and e-residency platform for Native American Tribes

eTribe provides legal and technological infrastructure for Native American Tribes, allowing non-residents to create companies and sell securities.

eTribe produces Special Economic Legal Framework on an equity basis and uses revenue sharing agreements with Zones to license its platform. A pilot project is currently underway and demonstrates the immense potential of their unique business approach.

AOChain specializes in Asset Tokenization and value transfer using Distributed Ledger Technology

AOChain services four unique verticals:

CBDC and Stablecoins

AOChain counseled the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and a major tribal bank on replacement of their ERP and core banking protocols.

InsureTech and IoT

AOChain was used by Liberty Mutual insurance to integrate Corda R3 with their underwriting and claims workflow.


AOChain pioneered the tokenization of mutual funds and made a direct investment in EZBNK.

Online Games

AOChain tokenized online bets and cash in/out operations for Betcris.