NFG Product Initiatives

NFG Product Initiatives

Modular Digital Identity Toolkit

Unique Digital Identity and Smart Contract Generator

MDIT is a low/no code smart contract generator that can be enforced by the same digital systems used for core banking.

Streamline administrative processes

Streamline administrative processes.

Digital standardization

Users can digitally standardize any type of legal agreement.

Contract enforcement

Contracts are enforced and validated by “oracles”.

Sovereign Banking Group

Banking Regulatory Frameworks for Sovereign Entities

SBG is building the first comprehensive Tribal Banking and Financial Services Code in the United States.

Best-of-all-worlds approach makes use of established, effective state provisions.

Streamlined provisions for digital assets, SPDIs, and blockchain technologies.

Federally-compliant code, cooperative federal oversight, and strong AML/KYC.

Promotes a favorable profit environment for financial institutions.

Microservices Platform

Digital Financial Ecosystem Platform

A completely modular and automated compliance solution

MPC wallet technology

Non-custodial MPC wallet technology.

Forensics and blockchain management

On-chain forensics and blockchain monitoring.

Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer

Comprehensive AML and KYC systems.

Encrypted messaging

Messaging converter with homomorphic encryption.

Analytics management

Analytics that can manage disparate datasets without migration.

Federated Tokenization of Currency

Fluent: Federated Tokenization of Currency

A Federated Stable Currency Protocol

Fluent is a unique stable currency protocol operated as a Federation. As members of the Fluent Federation, institutions enjoy access to new AUM and reduced operational costs.

Key Benefits


Assets are secured via blockchain. Fluent digital stablecoins are fully backed and cryptographically verifiable.


A multiple custodianship system and shared clearing network reduces downtime and liquidity issues.


Regular audits validate fiat reserves in real time.